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Because We Really Care About Your Animals

Caring Songs For All Creatures

Caring Songs for All Creatures is a small non-profit animal rescue that seeks to provide “unadoptable” cats and dogs with a stable and loving forever home. The elderly, the infirmed, the unwanted and the misunderstood are selected from area animal shelters, nursed back to health and happiness and placed for adoption.

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Trensility - Maximum Durability

We’ve teamed up with an amazing company known as Trensility! Their passionate owner and employees have teamed up with us to help our rescue anyway they can. Whether it’s volunteering or donating time and materials, the people at Trensility have gone above and beyond to support what we are all most passionate about, rescuing animals! In efforts to help support our rescue, by purchasing a pair of their socks, a portion of the proceeds goes directly towards our rescue! Their socks will be available at our adoption events for a donation towards our rescue. Also, as a way of saying thank you, to everyone that successfully adopts from our rescue, we will donate their amazing high quality socks to you!

In addition to Trensility’s beautiful mustard canine socks, Trensility also offers amazing compression socks that many people in the health care field absolutely love! They are great for blood circulation and moisture control.

Pick up a pair at our table at our weekly adoption events or visit Trensility’s website and find your perfect pair, but most importantly, help us save the lives of our beloved animals. Adopting or fostering really helps the lives of so many animals that need our help!

Because We Really Care About Your Animals

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Because We Really Care About Your Animals

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Because We Really Care About Your Animals

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Caring Songs For All Creatures is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization.
Gifts are tax-deductible to the full extent allowable under the law.