Our News

We‘ve been adopted!!

  • Senior Terrier Mix
  • Female
  • Yellow/Tan/Blond/Fawn

Baby cocoa with new his brother!

Snoopy, from withdrawn and starved as a stray, to happy-go-lucky with new dad and brother!

Saturnah, little white kitty, with her little black kitty sister and 2 mommies!

Rottie adopted and now goes to the beach!

From death row to the beaches of LA!

Marbles, who does not like dogs, loves his new family.

Avacyn, sister of Avril, went from stray to loving daughter.

SKIPPER, doxador, now has a large yard with turtles, cats, and koi!

Kobe has a loving family and doesn't have to climb fences!

Avril is in a nice home with her new dad and sister!

She was once roaming the streets with her sister Avacyn (also adopted!)

  • Poodle
  • Male
  • White / Cream

Alexa has been adopted! She joins a family with other senior pups and cats too.

Madelina found her forever home with this wonderful family.

Bear is an amazing dog, who went from being a stray, to being a lucky dog, adopted by an amazing family.

“The adopters are ecstatic over Bear.”

Ziggy fit so well in the pack, that Foster mom decided to offer him a forever home.

Ziggy had lots of applications, but you just know when a dog is where they belong, and that was the case for him.

“Scooby has a busy life. Walks. Playing in the park. He needs a little nap ok between.”

“Scooby hit the lottery! He’s super duper loved! And his home has a dog park across the street.”

“Simon our little senior, has chosen his forever person.”

“Benjamin Button and Charlie Chaplin have been adopted!!”

“Now named Georgie and Penny!!!”

The joy in the face of adopters, is so rewarding for the rescue.”